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Our Impact


Number of loans

$200 K

Amount of loans


Portfolio sectors

Our Investments over the last 5 years


Company Profile

Description: Provides education in under served areas using mobile trucks 

Requirement: Expand program into more schools

Loan Details

Year: October, 2015

Loan size: $30,000  term loan


Company Profile

Description: Focused on connecting companies and students

Requirement: Develop online platform

Loan Details

Year: June, 2017

Loan size: $10,000 (out of $30K option) term loan


Company Profile

Description: Provides personal Development program for incarcerated people

Requirement: Support marketing & sales

Loan Details

Year: September, 2017

Loan size: $22,090 term loan


Company Profile

Description: Healthcare solution provider in emerging markets

Requirement: Cover working capital needs

Loan Details

Year: June, 2019

Loan size: $40,000 1.5 year term loan ( up to two installments)

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