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Goizueta Impact Investors

Financing for the greater good


About Us

Empowering Social Impact Through Strategic Investment

At Goizueta Impact Investors (GII), our mission transcends traditional finance. Established as an innovative student-run venture at Emory University's Goizueta Business School, GII is dedicated to fostering sustainable growth and social equity. We extend our support to both for-profit and non-profit social enterprises within the Atlanta area, offering them a financial springboard through affordable, strategic loans.

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Bridging the gap between ambition and resources

GII originated as a microfinance fund, aspiring to bridge the gap between ambition and resources for social ventures. Since 2013, our vision has evolved to embrace direct debt investments. We selectively partner with organizations that are not just businesses, but beacons of hope - addressing critical social needs, uplifting underprivileged communities, and championing the common good through their products, services, and employment opportunities.​ 


Fueling Growth & Self Sufficiency

Financing for long-term prosperity

Our financial assistance is crafted not merely as a short-term solution, but as a catalyst for long-term prosperity. We aim to guide our borrowers toward a trajectory of growth, self-sufficiency, and eventually, integration into mainstream financial channels. In this journey, both the borrowers and GII thrive, achieving mutual profitability and impact.


Educating Future Impact Leaders

An immersive learning experience for Goizueta students

Beyond financial transactions, GII is committed to enlightening the Goizueta community about the transformative potential of finance. We offer an immersive learning experience for Goizueta students, allowing them to delve into the realm of impact investing and participate in real-world investment processes. Our goal is to mold students into future leaders who will navigate the business world with a keen sense of social responsibility and a drive to make a meaningful difference.

Through GII, we seek to redefine the role of finance in building a more equitable and sustainable world, one investment at a time.

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Provides education in under served areas using mobile trucks 


Expand program into more schools

Loan Details

October, 2015

$30,000  term loan


Focused on connecting companies and students


Develop online platform

Loan Details

June, 2017

$10,000 term loan


Provides personal Development program for incarcerated people


Support marketing & sales

Loan Details

September, 2017

$22,090 term loan


Healthcare solution provider in emerging markets


Cover working capital needs

Loan Details

June, 2019

$40,000 term loan 

Our Investments

Our Impact

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Portfolio Sectors

Impact Insights

Get the latest insights from our blog, where the pulse of impact investing is always at your fingertips. Our Impact Insights section is a treasure trove of knowledge, brimming with thought-provoking articles, in-depth analyses, and personal narratives from the forefront of social finance. Whether you're a seasoned investor, a curious student, or just beginning your journey in impact investing, our blog is your go-to source for the freshest perspectives and most innovative ideas in the field. Dive into a world where finance meets social change, and stay informed with the cutting-edge of impact investing.

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