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Student Opportunities at Goizueta Impact Investors

At Goizueta Impact Investors (GII), we offer a platform where ambition meets purpose. Here, you have the unique opportunity to dive deep into the world of impact investing, a rapidly growing field that combines financial savvy with a passion for social change. Our programs are designed not just to educate, but to empower you to make a real difference.


MIINT Program Participation

  • Transformative Learning: Engage in the prestigious Turner MBA Impact Investing Network and Training (MIINT) program. 

  • Real-World Impact: Experience the thrill of identifying and evaluating potential social impact investments.

  • Competitive Edge: Hone your skills and compete against top business schools in national competitions.


Turner Impact Portfolio Competition (TIPC)

  • Strategic Portfolio Management: Compete in creating impactful investment portfolios on a national scale.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers and professionals in the field of impact investing.


Collaborative Projects with EIIG

  • Joint Ventures: Team up with the Emory Impact Investing Group (EIIG) for collaborative investment projects.

  • Cross-Disciplinary Exposure: Engage with undergraduate peers in impactful investment initiatives.

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Share Your Voice on Impact Investing

More Opportunities to Get Involved

Executive Board Roles

Leadership Development: Take on a role in the Executive Board to help steer GII's strategic direction.

Operational Experience: Learn the intricacies of managing a dynamic, student-run investment initiative.

Credit Committee Involvement

Expert Guidance: Work alongside industry experts who mentor and coach in investment analysis.

Hands-On Experience: Gain practical insights into assessing and supporting our portfolio companies.

Educational Workshops and Speaker Events

Continuous Learning: Participate in workshops and events featuring industry leaders.

Community Engagement: Share knowledge and insights with the broader Goizueta and Emory community.

Welcome Goizueta Students!

Please keep checking back for more student opportunities!

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